CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) & Video Surveillance

cctvThe installation of a closed circuit television system is an excellent way to deter crime both from external as well as from internal sources. There are a few considerations to be made when choosing a CCTV system for your facility. Price should not be the prevailing factor. Keeping the costs down either by accepting a lower quality unit, or overextending the equipment by attempting to use an item improperly, will cause unsatisfactory results and may damage the cameras and internal components.

Cameras should always be installed at a high enough position to provide an unobstructed view. This also prevents unwanted tampering and redirection of the cameras by unauthorized persons. Cameras should, however, be placed so that they are not hindered by lighting. Lighting is an important factor to consider when selecting both the positioning of the camera as well as the camera itself. Cameras can be less effective or even damaged by the wrong lighting.

The growth of the internet has allowed a tremendous increase in the capability for remote video monitoring.

National Security has state - of - the - art technology that allows us and the customer to view locations over the internet in real time. This provides a whole new level of security for people in today's world who are on the go and cannot be everywhere at once.

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Having cameras which are recorded provides a visual record for future reference of individuals entering and departing from a facility. This also provides a visual record for investigations of incidents, including crimes, slip and fall injuries, and other accidents.

The basic components of a CCTV system include cameras, lenses, housings, monitors, video recorders, controllers, switchers, and cabling. When combined and installed correctly, these items can eliminate the need for roaming guards. CCTV allows one or two guards to monitor the entire facility from one centrally located position. Using an on-site, central monitoring station is both cost effective and provides a secure form of monitoring while also providing a safe environment for all employees, including security personnel.